Why does my heel hurt?

I get asked questions all of the time about different aches and pains when people work out. I am not a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist but I do keep my eye out for information that might be helpful for minor aches and pains. This is going to sound very dated but I read the paper….yes, the physical paper, almost every day. I find interesting articles especially in terms of health and fitness. One of the columns I enjoy is a natural remedy column by Joe and Teresa Graedon at www.peoplespharmacy.com.

The other day, the column had an item about plantar fasciitis. I have experienced this in both of my heels at different times and seems to be part of life at some point for most people who like to run or take group fitness classes. It can be extremely painful and does stop some people from continuing to workout which is unfortunate.

The column discussed a home remedy for plantar fasciitis. Once a day drinking a combination of 1 Tablespoon Certo mixed in one cup of Welch’s Concord grape juice. Joe and Teresa Graedon claim that many of their readers have had success with this approach.

As I said before, I do not claim to be any sort of medical professional but this approach might be worth trying before taking the next steps to consult a doctor or other health professional. If anyone tries it or has had success let me know. Would love to know if this really does work.