Find Your Bliss

At Inner Strength Yoga, our goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or income. We bring fun and interesting classes and workshops and provide a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn and grow. We offer beginner and experienced-level yoga classes, as well as Pilates, Barre, and more!

Our Classes

5Elements Fire Flow - 5Elements Fire Flow is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice within the Kunga Yoga Methodolgy developed by Kristin Cooper and inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda. 5Elements Fire flow is a rapid, motivating and energetic practice that emphasizes strong, powerful movement and purification. 5Elements Fire flow represents heat and the practice of “tapas” or discipline. This practice can help with digestion and detoxification, as well as breaking through habitual patterns. 5Elements Fire flow is for intermediate to advanced students wishing to strengthen the mind/body through core cultivation, heat building salutations, and arm balancing. This practice is rapid and expansive, closing with a lengthy relaxation.

5Elements Earth Flow - 5Elements Earth flow is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice within the Kunga Yoga Methodology developed by Kristin Cooper and inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda. 5Elements Earth flow is a grounding, hip opening practice which emphasizes stability and strength through a steady and strong flowing sequence. Strength is cultivated through a series of slow salutations (namaskars) and standing and supine hip opening postures. 5Elements Earth flow is for all levels of students that wish to move through a slow, deep vinyasa practice, completing with a restorative savasana and longer period of meditation.

5Elements Water Flow - 5Elements Water flow is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice within the Kunga Yoga Methodology developed by Kristin Cooper and inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda. 5Elements Water flow is a rejuvenating practice incorporating fluid vinyasa and circular wave motion throughout the body within a soft, slowly flowing sequence. This is a nourishing and calm practice meant to balance the effects of stress, depletion and over stimulation from life or from strong heated agin-based (fire) practices. The circular movements of 5Elements Water flow lubricates all of the joints in the body, and support increased spinal mobility, range of motion and balance. 5Elements Water flow is a full body vinyasa practice with an emphasis on shoulder opening, fluid backbends, and the six movements of the spine. Working to move the body as liquid matter, we release old patterns of stress and tightness. All levels are welcome and this practice ends with a lengthy relaxation.

One Flow Fits All - in this yoga class you will move your body through poses with breath and guided movement to find your inner Goldie Locks. This practice is just right for the student to learn and enjoy the process.

Power Flow - A Baptiste inspired power vinyasa that is fast paced and will you get breathing. Feel empowered to recognize your own abilities and strengths while adapting to deeply honor your needs throughout the practice. With regular attendance, you will strengthen and solidify many poses due to its repetitive and choreographed nature. You will leave with an opportunity to witness growth in yourself each time you come to the mat. All levels welcome

Flow and Sculpt - In this class you will warm up with flowing yoga postures, move into 15 minutes of HIIT, stretch and end with meditation. The slow twitch of muscles will be worked in the yoga portion and the fast twitch of muscles in HIIT. SWEAT, BURN REPEAT. All levels welcome.

Go With The Flow - Indulge in this creative vinyasa infused class. Breath work to set your intention, moving with your guided breath to connect with your body through movement with different poses and ending in a seated meditation/savasana. Free your vibe on your mat. All levels welcome.

Mellow Flow - enjoy this sweet and gentle yoga practice to open, strengthen and connect to your body. Beginners welcome

Free Flow Fridays - in this free flowing creative vinyasa practice you can let loose, flow and have fun! Breath work, sun salutations, standing postures and maybe a arm balance or inversion might be offered but not always needed! All levels welcome

Yoga Barre Fusion - Yoga, Barre & Core Oh My!! In this 45 minute class you will move & sweat with the help of props such as pilates ball, light weights & bands. Your body will feel amazing and strong!

PiYo InSane Flow - This full body fusion class is filled with all of your favorite moves with added bonuses including moving skaters, squats, power lunges and side planks. All of these movements will help you track your progress in speed, agility and core strength. Join us to find your strong and feel muscles you never knew you had.

Belly Dancing - This class is the one of most beautiful and exciting forms of self expression. It is empowering, uplifting, healing and fun! All levels welcome

Power Yoga/Pilates -In this powerful class, both yoga and pilates combined creates a strong dynamic to find strength, flexibility and muscle tone. You will sweat, burn and repeat. Linda has a beautiful personality that will make you laugh and find your best self. Modifications are given and all levels are welcome.

Mat Pilates - Coming Soon

Vinyasa Bliss -In this class you will enjoy 30-40 minutes of vinyasa flow yoga to help build heat and for the remainder of the class enjoy restorative poses to ground and close practice with meditation and savasana. Oils are adjustments are offered. All levels are welcome.

Sunrise Yoga - a beautiful wat ti move your body and connect with your breath! Start your day with us! All levels are welcome.

Vin2Yin - This class allows us to adjust the mind with mind, body and breath. Together this class offers us to be still, present and work within while you breathe and create more space in the body and mind. All levels welcome.

Kylie Smilie Yoga - Kids yoga!! This allows children to be present, safe and to have fun! Yoga poses that allow them to be free and expressive. Games that teach them to connect, activities to bring out their most authentic self.